Classic Collection

All classical dishes are available in chicken or vegetables with an extra £1.25 added to the price for lamb or baby prawns,
and £4.95 added for king prawns or baby duck breast.


This dish is regarded as royalty. Prepared in a sweet mild nutty sauce with coconut cream
& sugar cane juice


Delight from Peshawar, cooked with dry fenugreek, cinnamon juice, red wine & buttermilk sauce


This country's most popular dish, boneless pieces of diced chicken breast prepared with homemade almond & herbed yoghurt masala sauce


Street cooking method tampered with fresh green garlic, chopped onion & peppers cooked in medium sauce & served in an iron skillet


From the northern region of India, this exciting mix of pepper, tomato, chopped onion, coriander, fresh fenugreek prepared with mustard oil in a medium sauce


A traditional dish from Mirpur, is a blend of authentic fresh grounded medium spices & garnished with tomato, capsicum, fenugreek & coriander


A traditional Punjabi dish cooked with fresh spinach tampered with garlic & red onion


Cooked to the famous original recipe with lime juice and lemon leaves


A traditional dish cooked with chopped tomatoes in a thick medium spiced sauce garnished with fenugreek & coriander creating a rich flavour


Exquisite Persian sensation made with the finest lentils, curry leaves, chilli paste, sweet coconut puree & fresh limejuice


Persian sensation cooked in hot, sweet and sour spices with coconut, almond & tamarind, garnished with tomatoes, fenugreek and fresh coriander


This wild combination is traditionally cooked in the villages using wild curry leaves, bay leaf, chopped red onion, peppers & tomatoes, topped with fresh green chillies


A superb South Indian treasure enjoyed all over the world. Prepared with homemade hot red chilli puree, lime juice, minced green garlic in a light onion & tomato sauce.


 Our experienced Chefs will prepare dishes off the menu and can vary levels of spice upon request.



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Originally from Bangladesh, Chef Altaf Hussain has 17 years’ experience as a chef. His success was achieved through hard work and dedication, working his way up through the restaurant kitchen where he was able to develop his talents for creativity and innovation.

Almost five years ago he went into partnership to open YUVA Fine Fusion Restaurant on the site of a former pub in Kneesworth, Royston. As a thriving family business YUVA now offers something special to the diners of the area. Serving modern Asian
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